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RuffWood is a small family kennel that runs by Olga Isaksson & Daniel Granbom.

We and our dogs live in a small town named Boden in Northern Sweden. Dogs are our biggest common interest since many years ago and all our spare time goes to activities with our dogs. Dogs are not just a hobby for us - they are our lifestyle. We both completed Swedish Kennel Club's Breeder Education and we taken several other classes in genetics and dog breeding.


Olga works as ring steward at dog shows and is also a certified dog show organizer within Swedish Kennel Club. She completed Swedish Working Dog Club's L1-L4 educations - the first step of her becoming a dog trainer. She is also educated team leader by Swedish Hunting Club in tracking of wounded game with dogs. She completed M1 education and awaits completting M2 to become a figurant at temperament tests.


Our dogs live an active life - we do blood tracking, obedience, Weight Pull/Drag Weight and even som agility, searching and Rally-O. We are fond of dog shows and Olga is handler as well and shows multiple dog breeds.


We have experience of dogs and almost everything about them, and we strive to enlarge our knowledge and skills by taking classes, going to lectures etc. and by combining theese with practical work. We want to keep us updated and even simply to fill the bill when it comes to helping our puppy buyers the best we can. Life long support from us follows with every puppy we place in a new home :)


We aim to breed sound, healthy and beautiful amstaffs - according to our picture of the breed and our interpretation of the standard, and foremost with for us appealing temperament. For the moment we are at the starting point of our breeding programme, we have a clear vision of the amstaff we want to produce and we work hard to get there. We focus on the ensemble, not some single traits. Every RuffWood litter is been planned to a smallest detail long before the actual breeding takes place. We choose our producers with great care and with regards to their own pros and cons. We breed no "commercial" litters, only the combinations we believe strongly in are inplemented and we keep several puppies out of every litter, and we hope of course that those keepers will make a great foundation for our future breedings.


We have close cooperation with some kennels in Sweden and abroad, which gives us possibility of having a wider gene pool and helps our development.


Our kennel is controlled and approved by Swedish Kennel Club!










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